Dehydration Headache

Anna’s Age: 2 years 3 months 23 days

Anna woke up very cranky and complained about her head hurting. We even went to a doctor but she could not tell what it was. Anna has some low grade fever so mommy gave her some Tylenol (5ml) before bedtime. Anna nursed twice as usual today. Mommy assumes it’s a dehydration headache as she has experienced those before. Yesterday was a busy day filled with swimming, park and gymnastics for Anna. She may have gotten overheated and dehydrated then. Hoping tomorrow Anna will be as good as new! Our poor little baby! So difficult to watch her be in pain. :(

Update. Fever (100.6F) stayed for 2 days. We gave Anna 4 doses of Tylenol (5 ml) over this period of time. Anna puked twice but seemed it was provoked by high temperature rather than by a stomach bug. On the 3rd day Anna had no fever but was still a bit cranky. Hoping tomorrow will be back to normal. :-)

Update. Day 4 and Anna is back to her normal self. No runny nose or cough or rash. Not sure what the fever was about. But we sure are glad it’s gone. :-) healthy baby!!! :-)