This Christmas and Always! Home means nothing without you.

The message is that Family is everything; and Home means nothing without Family. The commercial shows a single grandfather, who misses his children and grandchildren several Christmases in a row. Kids are too busy with their lives, and although they don’t forget to call, a warm loving hug would be a million ways better. It’s heart-breaking to see the old man eat Christmas dinner all by himself next to a well-trimmed Christmas tree year after year. Until one day, we see his kids – a young businessman in Asia, a busy mom of three, and a doctor – receive a notice of descent… And suddenly the world stops for them and they all promptly gather at their childhood home. Only to find their father sitting alive at the dining table with Christmas dinner served. The old man had to take extreme measures to bring his busy family together at least! Fortunately the family will have many more fun Christmases together. But for the rest of us, this is a great reminder of the importance of family.
The soundtrack song is called “Dad” by Supreme Music featuring Neele Ternes.

The Elf on the Shelf is ALIVE! And He is Adorable!

Alan Lawrence, a father of six from Utah (one of whom has Down syndrome), and his 4-month old son Rockwell take the fun Christmas tradition to the next level. Rockwell stars in the “New Adventures of the Elf on the Shelf”, while his dad directs and documents these mischievous quests. This quick reel features Elf eating spaghetti with his hands; gift wrapping the toilet; throwing marshmallows at dad eating breakfast cereal; peaking at dad taking a shower; playing a game with a dinosaur; taking selfies with dolls; meeting new dolls while strolling in his red toy car; sneaking cookies into VCR; and simply chilling on the mantle. Lawrence’s wife designed the Elf’s bright red costume. You can see more of the Elf’s adventures on Alan’s personal blog – That Dad Blog.