Anna’s Age: 1 year 7 months 17 days

It’s a paradox for us because we speak only Russian at home and with most of our friends. Of course, we speak English outside of home. Anna says a lot of words in English because they much easier and shorter than the same words in Russian. Hopefully, she will say both soon as we intend on keeping Russian alive.

Bilingual Kid

Anna’s Age: 1 year 4 months 8 days

Anna understands well both Russian and English. We speak predominantly Russian at home. So the majority words that Anna says are in Russian. However once in a while you will hear words in English. Usually because they are easier to pronounce in English than in Russian. 😉 smart kid!! For example: Fish vs Рыбка, Ball vs Мяч. She also sometimes says Mommy vs Mama. :-) what an amazing child we have!!!