Father’s Day. Watch the excitement of these men learning they will become dads.

I get butterflies from watching the Dove Men+Care film about men learning for the first time that they will soon become dads. Some men are surprised, others are excited. Some doubt the fact, while others drop everything and sweep their loved one off her feet. Whatever the reaction, there is pure joy are on all of their faces because now they are someone’s father.

Happy Father’s Day!

Fraternal twin boys talk spy code or just babble? Let’s guess together.

The conversation in the kitchen by these 18-month-old fraternal twin boys Sam and Ren will leave you smiling and curious about baby babble. Although it doesn’t sound as English, they are indeed carrying on a deep conversation. My guess it’s about that missing blue sock on one of their right feet.

If we watch and listen closely, we will hear complex intonation patterns and see a skill many adults are yet to master — turn-taking. Both are great signs that the twins will soon begin to communicate using actual words. Regardless, whether you thought it was spy code or just babble, the red-cheeked twins wearing only diapers are simply fun to watch.

All the weird noises noses make! This baby’s reaction will leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

Mom being sick for the first time in baby Emerson’s 5 1/2 months has changed their life in a surprisingly positive way. Emerson’s terrified turning to laughter reaction to mom blowing her nose has already significantly bumped up his educational fund.

Karen and Michael of London, Ontario are very pleased with their hilarious big blue-eyed son, who made the top of the charts with his funny faces.

Watch this baby’s reaction to the sound of ripping paper. Will he laugh or cry?

What better way to wash away your sorrows than with laugher? A stay at home dad and his 8-month-old son Micah enjoy ripping a job rejection letter, each in his own way. The little boy’s hilarious laugh is contagious, marking this one of the funniest videos on the video-sharing site.

For the curious – yes, strong boys wear pink and grey suits too!

Two smiling toddlers. You will not believe what happens next.

Two British brothers Harry (3 1/4 years old) and Charlie (1-year old) are happily sitting on a couch as dad films their cuteness. Charlie gently nibbles on Harry’s finger as most one-year olds occasionally do. Harry protests but tests if Charlie will bite on his finger again. To Harry’s surprise, Charlie bit him again! It is amusing to see Charlie’s adorable smile as Harry whines.

The video has not been staged, but rather caught at the right moment. No child has been hurt during filming of this clip.

A unique Mother’s Day experiment left a million butterflies in my tummy.

This tear-jerking Mother’s Day ad by Pandora Jewelry will leave even the most indifferent kind in awe. The premise is simple; a unique bond exists between a mother and a child, which gets tested in this short clip.

6 young children from the age of 3-9 are blindfolded and must try to find their mothers through the use of only their senses. Each of six children anxiously walks towards the six mothers; touches the hands, hair, and faces; smells their perfume; listens to the sound of their movements; and successfully identifies his or her one and only beloved mom. The smiles and joy fill the room.

There are a few short glimpses at the actual Pandora Jewelry worn by one of the moms in the ad. These link the brand to the precious love viewers experience and gently suggest the perfect gift for the Mother’s Day.

Music: “Staircase” by Dan Leigh, musync.com