Pregnancy – Week 9

I had 2 dreams about the baby. One was a while before I even got pregnant. In the dream I was pregnant. I was enjoying every moment of my dream pregnancy up until the delivery, where I got scared and “didn’t want to play anymore!” But none the less, I delivered a beautiful baby girl and we named her Anna, as many influential and loving friends in my life.

My second dream was during this week. I dreamt that I had a gorgeous baby girl. No name specifics in this dream, but I clearly remember that she was very peaceful and happy, as opposed to some other girl’s baby in the dream. I was really proud of my baby girl! :-)

My mother also had a dream a few weeks ago about a happy baby girl. So many coincidences! I guess we’ll have to see in a few weeks if that is true. :-) But even if we will have a baby boy we will love him just as much!

Another busy week at work. Lots of shoots. The positive side – catering! This week we had awesome breakfasts, lunches and snacks. I am sure baby was happy. :-)

On Thursday we had guests over. At the dinner table we had Dima Sherman, Alex Borshch and us. Dima inquired about approved diet for pregnant women and I’ve observed the following behavior of men at the table. As I was talking about my pregnancy experience, all 3 men at the table were very quiet and listened to me with so much interest, as if I was going to test them on this material later! :-) My only guess is, because men never have or will ever go through pregnancy, this unknown territory is very exciting and interesting to them. It’s an honor for me as a woman to be a man’s guide to this unknown.

Outside temperature dropped significantly on Saturday. Right about +18C. Not super cold, but not hot either. I woke up around 9:30 am and thought I’d read a bit outside, while covered with a blanket. The comfort of this temperature, a light breeze and the light tingle on my cheeks – all made me think of the baby. I imagined how wonderful it would be for my little one to nap in this gorgeous weather. I may have had a memory from my childhood crossing my mind. :-) It’s very likely I napped in similar conditions and had a blast. As I day-dreamt about it, I fell asleep and had the most amazing nap in the fresh air. :-) Soon our baby will enjoy it too!

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Pregnancy – Week 10

Breasts look fuller, but the bra-size still feels fine. Hubby likey! :-) They also don’t feel tender as they did earlier in pregnancy.

I am using Organic mascara. Although it doesn’t give my eye lashes the same full look as regular mascara, it also has its benefits. I don’t need to use any special solutions to take it off. It comes out with water.

Sex is fantastic! I love loving my husband. :-) He is amazing!

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Pregnancy – Week 11

This week was a bit easier at work, than the past 2 weeks. I am proud of how I’ve handled the situation with a poorly performing employee. I have one more layer between us and I had an informative discussion with his manager, where we came up with ways to handle the situation. Teamwork prevailed. We already see improvement in performance and behavior.

Friday I got a day off for working so hard the past several weeks. I still had to log in for a while to help move projects along, but at least I was at home. Then we went to a Russian store and stocked up with salads, pelmeni and other items. I was brave enough to try a cabbage pirozhok, which didn’t taste so good, and drink ryazhenka (baked yogurt). Second half of the day I spent on the toilet with diarrhea :-( , then I took a nap and stayed in bed until the morning.

On Saturday I woke up with a lot of energy. Sergey and I cleaned the house in a record time. Then as I was taking a shower, Sergey decided to turn off the softener, which was undergoing some self-cleaning. LOL. So I had salty water coming from the shower head. It felt like I was bathing in sea water. :-)

Later that day we hosted a pelmeni making party. It was a wonderful and delicious experience with a bunch of our friends. I believe we made about 500 pelmeni that night. Enough to last us and our guests for a while.

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Pregnancy – Week 12

On Monday (19-Nov-2012 @ 3:15 pm) we had our first OBGYN pregnancy appointment. Sergey came with me to be a part of this exciting experience. :-) I love my hubby!

Wow! We saw the baby on the monitor for the first time. :-) :-) :-) Smiles all over the place! Because I am so lucky that I don’t have much of pregnancy symptoms, like morning sickness, fatigue, sore breasts… Seeing our little baby was invigorating and made me believe that I was truly carrying a little human inside of me. Until that very moment it all felt more like an illusion. But now I know our little one is in there! :-)

Both Sergey and I were thrilled to see our baby and hear its strong heartbeat. We even got our baby on video. It looks like baby was waving at us and then jumping up and down, as if saying: “Hi mommy! Hi daddy! I’m doing great over here!” :-) :-) :-) So adorable that even the doctor and nurse were mesmerized.

The doctor agreed with me that baby was 11 weeks and 2 days. So our planned due date has been set, as expected, for June 9, 2013. Let’s see when baby will really decide to come out. :-)

Sergey had this beautiful glow about him the whole night after our first ultrasound. I think the ability to see what we’ve created together was very empowering for him. I love seeing my husband so happy! I am very happy to be married to him!

On Thursday 22-Nov-2012 we flew to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with Grandma Floy Hopple. She is 87 and has been using oxygen for a while now. However, she’s been a trouper for both days with us! We played a lot of board games, talked and simply enjoyed company with each other. It was a wonderful couple of days spent with family.

Baby and I did great on the plane both ways. Then on Saturday, our amazing next door neighbors (Lena and Sergey Magonovy) invited us over for a feast! The food was delicious! I could not move for at least an hour after this awesome meal. :-) Yum!

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Pregnancy – Week 13

Back to work after a 4-day weekend! The US holidays are clustered in Nov-Dec. But unfortunately, there aren’t many holidays throughout the rest of the year. Nonetheless, it’s hard to go to work on any Monday.

On Wednesday (11/28/12) we had our 1st trimester screening for any syndromes and abnormalities. Going in absolutely confident in our baby’s health. We got to see our little one once again! :-) Only 9 days after our first ultrasound. Today baby was at least double in size! Since this appointment was early in the morning and even I was still half asleep. :-) Baby was half asleep as well, and was patient with the doc taking all necessary measurements. After the doc was done with the tests/measurements of the neural tube on the back of baby’s neck, she was nice to let us check the baby out. :-) We have a cool video of this session. We got to see baby’s head, heart, stomach (which was full according to the doc), the skeleton, and tiny butt (, little hands and legs, and we were even able to count all little fingers and even toes! Amazing! Our baby even did a full body stretch before the jumping began all over again, like during our first ultrasound. :-) The full body length measured at 8.2 cm! Our little shrimp! :-) Both of us get an incredible blast of happiness from seeing our little one. It was worth waking up so early! :-)

The rest of the day I spent dealing with insubordination in my department. The whole afternoon was spent in meetings with employees that did not accept the change in management in our department. I’m proud to say that everything had been resolved in a nice manner and we’re seeing much better performance and attitudes.

On the weekend we tested Sergey’s new Facebook app, watched movies and cooked liver cutlets. Yum!

I have the most amazing husband in the world! I was feeling a bit down, but mostly my own thoughts gone off the orbit. He listened to me carefully, and then brought me back to my senses by reminding me that we’re together, healthy and happy. It’s amazing to have my best friend and the love of my life in the same person always next to me! :-) I wish our children will be as happy as we are!

Also, this week I’ve been taking some medicine for the yeast infection docs said I had. Although I didn’t feel any symptoms, they insisted I did a full 7 day treatment. So I did. Good girl.

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Pregnancy – Week 14

We’ve finished our full 1st trimester! Absolutely strong and healthy! It helps a lot to go into pregnancy with great immune system and strong/healthy body and mind. I had absolutely no morning sickness or any adverse symptoms one always imagines coming with being pregnant. Felt absolutely awesome the whole 3 months. At times I’d even catch myself on a thought whether I am really pregnant?! :-) Occasional tiredness and doctor visits, especially the ultrasounds, are my constant reminders of a new life growing inside of me. I feel very lucky and blessed!

Took some pictures of the baby bump. It’s hardly noticeable still, which together with having practically no symptoms makes it very easy to hide my pregnancy from others. We’ll probably wait until January to tell at work and friends.

Sex during the first trimester was awesome! A bit scary at first whether it would be ok for the baby, but everyone no matter how big or small can use a few hormones of happiness. :-) A bit insensitive on the outside in the first weeks, however a whole volcano more of feeling on the inside! Closer to the end of the first trimester, I’ve regained feeling on the outside as well as the drive for making love to my lovely husband! Love this wonderful man!

This week we also had the GoDaddy holiday party (12/7/12). This year’s party was nothing compared to previous years. However, for us it was more of an anniversary. 12/11/10 – Sergey proposed to me in front of 5,000 people at the GoDaddy holiday party! It was a fairy tale! On top of that, Sergey won $15,000 tax free money, which was a great contribution to our wedding budget.

12/10/11 – a month after our wedding. We came to the GoDaddy party dressed in our wedding attire. :-) We definitely were the most amazing looking couple at the party! Sergey won $5,000 this time!

12/7/12 – no one at work yet knows, but this year we had the next logical step – we were at the party pregnant. :-) And, of course, we were yet again the most adorable couple at the party. This year the money prizes were considerably smaller, but we still won $1,000!

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