Cold Nights Pajama Trick

toddler cashmere sweater cold night pajamasAnna is yet to fall in love with blankets. Until then I am constantly challenged with keeping her warm at nights while keeping our energy bill low.

Ta-da! Introducing the cheapest warm pajamas or wearable blanket which you most likely already have in your closet. YOUR CASHMERE SWEATER! Or any warm sweater in your closet will work.


  • Warm and snugly
  • Soft to touch
  • Wearable and not easy to take off
  • Adjustable sleeve length
  • Long to cover most of the tiny body
  • Belonged to Mommy

It will last you several seasons, while your child grows and hopefully falls in love with blankets. And most importantly, your toddler will be proud to wear it because it belonged to YOU!

I’d love to hear your tricks on keeping toddlers warm on cold nights.

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