My toddler can’t get enough of the Gummy Bear!

My toddler can't get enough of the Gummy Bear!

My toddler loves gummy candies, so obviously this song was a hit in our house. The catchy tune, easy words to remember, and a funny gummy bear character make this clip simply irresistible. Anyone else’s kid is in love with the Gummy Bear song?

Interesting fact that the gummy bear candy first originated in Germany. In its honor in 2007 a German composer Christian Schneider wrote a novelty dance song “I’m a Gummy Bear”. It was first released in Hungary where it held the top of the charts for 8 months. Later, the song has gained popularity in other parts of the world. Today, the gummy Bear song has been released in 25 languages and has over 1 billion plays combined.

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