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A 3-year old boy doing a random dance that melts everyone’s hearts.

A 3-year old boy doing a random dance that melts everyone's hearts.

The 3-year old Zhang Junhao, a boy from Zibo in Shandong Province has everyone up on their feet cheering. He is young, confident, and simply happy to do what he loves the most — random dance. He brought along his “baby” — the speaker decorated with many stickers. Zhang hugs his baby before their performance together. The judges are very amused with the little boy. Then Zhang asks the judges to help him control the music and turn on the songs at random. Little boy brings the remote to the judges himself and gets kisses from the judges.

As music starts Zhang gives an outstanding performance. He then adapts his dancing style to every new song coming at him randomly. Zhang has the moves to the traditional music, he then incorporates some martial arts elements, and even does the robot dance. Both the audience and all three judges are applauding for little Zhang with huge smiles on their faces. The boy has indomitable spirit! No wonder all three judges vote for him to move on to the next level.

When the judges ask Zhang where did he learn his moves, the boy answers that he dances with his whole family on the plaza: mom, dad, sister, aunt, and even grandmother. He started when he was 10 months old and has since fallen in love with dancing.

Judges then interview little boy and Zhang keeps laughing at one of the judges but not the others. He then says that he likes to dance because it makes his mom laugh. His mom taught him that laughing means happiness. Zhang then shares his dream, which is to make people happy because he is happy. This comment melts everyone’s hearts.

After getting two thumbs up from every judge, Zhang gets down on his knees and tells his “baby” that it’s time to go back to mommy. It’s so heartwarming to see this boy’s passion and kindness in everything that he does. May his dream come true and everyone be happy.

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