Daddy – Gallbladder Removed

Anna’s Age: 2 years 12 days

Today daddy had his gallbladder removed (due to gall stones and inflammation) in surgery. Hoping this will stop his stomach pains!

Key learnings: eat, exercise, and sleep on a regular schedule so your body serves you longer.

While we were in the hospital, Anna had a party at our house! :-) Gleb, Isabella, Tetya Inna, Tetya Marianna and baby Danya babysat :-)


Anna’s Age: 2 years 10 days

First visit to circus! At first Anna was scared of the thousands of people and loud music. But she quickly warmed up when she saw elephants and horses perform. We also saw camels, dogs, tigers, acrobats, and clowns. Since Anna doesn’t understand the perception of depth yet, she thought all of them were very tiny :-)))

Removing Diaper In Crib

Anna’s Age: 2 years 3 days

For little over a week Anna removed her diaper while in her crib and did her business. Mommy did laundry every 4-6 hours!! Luckily mommy figured out the reason. Anna wanted to go to the bathroom and was used to removing her clothing to go on the potty. So Anna removed the diaper but because she could not get out of the crib to go to the potty, she had to go in the crib. Problem solved by adding one more potty session right before bed and a onesie for naps and pjs for night sleep. :-)

2 Years Old!

Anna’s Age: 2 years

So proud of our little munchkin! She is becoming her own little person. Anna is very caring, sweet, and genuine. She can do many things on her own now: eat and drink, do her business on the potty, remove and put on many clothing items, dance and sing, buckle her car seat, shop in the grocery store, and she insists that she has mastered brushing her teeth already! 😉 Anna is becoming quite a chatter box repeating everything she hears and sometimes surprising us with words she has never said before. We can brag forever about our sweet now 2 year old. Happy birthday Anuta! We love you to the moon and back! – Mommy and Daddy