Started Sleep Training

Anna’s Age: 5 months 9 days

Anna was already a pretty good sleeper but she would not sleep through the night. We’ve attended a session on sleep training a and began tonight. The new routine includes a feed before the bath, bath, reading a book, light feed (later to be removed), and laying Anna Inge crib to allow her to fall asleep on her own. Mommy sits besides her and gently rubs Anna’s back and she intermittently does the “shhh” sound and says “It’s ok. I’m with you. I love you. It’s time to sleep.” We have white noise on “flowing river”. Trying with No pacifier. And it’s dark in the room.

Anna did great for our first night. She cried just a little bit to remind mommy about the light feeding, after which she fell asleep on her own within minutes. What a fantastic girl we have!