Pregnancy – Week 39

Over the weekend I had more Braxton-Hicks contractions than I did before. Sleeping is becoming more of a challenge as my stomach gets bigger and puts all the weight on the side. Propping pillows under it helps.

Had another doc apt. Now they happen weekly. This time I was open 1 cm and I have gained 2 pounds, so docs were happy. My total weight gain during pregnancy so far is 17 lbs. = 7.7 kg. (129 ->146 lbs). Docs estimate that baby will weight ~7.5 lbs (~3.5kg) at birth.

Cleaned the house and packed up some of baby items that we won’t need immediately. This way it’s all ready for the move after Anna is born.

Still trying to walk at least 3-4 times per week for at least an hour and do some stretching. It’s hot… So my feet and hands swell a bit. I cool them off in the pool after walks and drink more water. :-)

Sergey is working hard on getting Las Vegas house ready for us with the baby. He’s hired someone to clean it and to stretch and wash all carpets. Pest control is also on the schedule. With that he can already move in. :-) Anna and I will follow next. :-)

My coworkers threw me a surprise work baby shower party! :-) I was honestly not expecting anything! :-) It was very sweet of them. :-)

Feet and hands start to swell every night. Seems to be common for the last several months. I’m lucky I only have a few more weeks to go. Drinking water and swimming helps.

Thursday evening noticed some creamy white discharge… Is that the mucus plug? On Thursday and Friday started noticing some light cramping in lower abdomen. Research online says drink more water, get more rest, change positions. I think baby must be slowly moving down… We’ll see. Baby is still very active despite the fact that there is not a lot of space for her. :-)

Last day in the office. It was very sweet to see everyone at work wish me good luck and be sad as they will miss me. However, HR at work told me that I will have to work until the day I go into hospital! How crazy is that? Thank goodness I have an awesome boss who understands that it’s simply not safe for a pregnant woman on such late stages to drive 25 miles one way to work/from work. He allowed me to work from home, but really he said I could take it easy. :-)

06/01/13 – Sergey’s birthday pool party. I was one hot momma in a bikini. :-) It was nice to see all of our friends, especially before we move to Vegas.

Please share your experience during Week 39 of Pregnancy

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