Pregnancy – Week 37

Sergey lined up a few houses for us to view. By the time we viewed them we realized that 3 of 5 were out of the picture. We’ve also learned that the market in Las Vegas is such that as a buyer we had no leverage and there were not a lot of homes of our caliber up for sale. Long story short, we came back to the original house and decided to purchase it again. We’ve managed to lower the price a bit more but still would be paying 15% over the appraisal, but this way we’re able to get a move in ready house in time for baby’s arrival. All other homes we were considering required remodeling and adding a pool to match our criteria. Fingers crossed all goes well and we’re home owners in Las Vegas soon. :-)

Sunday we spent sleeping in, and then had breakfast and ice cream in bed to celebrate Mother’s Day :) We then spent some time with Sergey’s coworker Rob’s family. We had a great lunch/dinner followed by ice cream outing. :-) Then we drove by the house we’re about to buy. We also showed them the park and peacocks near the new house. :-) Everyone liked them very much! And then I was Phoenix bound. It was a great and hopefully a successful weekend. It was amazing to spend some time with my husband! Love my man! :-)

It’s difficult to be apart with your loved one. Especially when you’re pregnant and your hormones fluctuate, while he is working hard and trying to find a new home for the family. So of course we start to fight over small things. We’re just both so tired and miss each other. Silly… But everything came back to its places once Sergey came back for the weekend and we were able to hold each other in our arms. :-)

I booked some spa treatments for Saturday and a haircut. Not too relaxing because all technicians wanted to talk. Oh well, at least my hair looks nice. :-)

On Sunday, Sergey, Dennis and I did a heroic thing: we planted 7 pigmy palms, 1 purple leaf plum tree, 7 lantanas and 3 natal plums in the front yard! All to please our HOA. Well, the house looks nice too. :-) But it was a long, hard and hot day. We worked so hard that I’ve lost 2 pounds! Doc thought I was on a diet, and told me to eat more! :-)

Noticing more and more Braxton Hicks contractions. They don’t hurt though.

Please share your experience during Week 37 of Pregnancy

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