Pregnancy – Week 36

Starting regular weekly doc appointments now. My weight is still at 144.4 lbs. = 65 kg. Doc says I need to eat more. It’s not that I’m not eating… just Anna soaks it all up! :-) Trying to eat more smaller meals often.

HOA finally approved our new landscaping plan! With a little compromise we can close the violation, which will be helpful when we sell the AZ house. Now we need to implement it. :-)

On Wednesday Nina and I attended a breastfeeding class. She is 11 weeks pregnant! Yeah, great news! :-)

Busy week at work with lots of projects and early start/late nights. I slept for 11 hours each night but feel that I need more. Teaching Tiffany everything I do. :-) Let’s hope she can pull it off. :-)

Visiting Sergey in Las Vegas over the weekend. Last time as per doctors I should not be flying past week 32. Well, what can I say; I love and miss my lovely hubby. And we have a few more houses lined up for viewing. Need to figure out our living situation soon as Anna Sky is joining our family sooner than we can imagine. :-)

Please share your experience during Week 36 of Pregnancy

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