Pregnancy – Week 38

We’ve got the house! Same one we walked away from the first time. As we looked at other houses we realized that it would cost us the same or more to get them to a condition we’d like, and with this home, although seemingly overpriced, we can get all of it now. We’re homeowners in Las Vegas! Congratulations! We’re one step closer to being together as a family! :-)

2 more weeks left at work. My boss sounds open to giving me other work, which makes me hopeful that he’d be considerate of me working remotely after maternity leave. Fingers crossed.

No one at work knows that Sergey got a job in Las Vegas and that we will be moving there. I’ve battled this ethical question for a while in my head. Decision… well, businesses mind their own business when making a hire/fire decisions. So individuals must do the same. In my case it’s not beneficial to me to tell my employer about the move before the end of my maternity leave. Hence, that’s when they will find out.

Had our last ultrasound! Baby Anna is so beautiful! She has amazingly long eye-lashes and her hair was making waves in the amniotic fluid! So distinct that we were able to see it via ultrasound! :-) Total weight gain so far 15 lbs. = 6.8 kg. Baby is estimated at 7 lbs = 3.2 kg. Doctor said that I was 50% effaced, but no dilation.

Wrapped up all of the projects at work. Now I have 1 more week of just making sure everything is alright and just cleaning up my computer and office.

Spent a lovely long weekend with my amazing husband! We picked peaches and entertained Vika & 2 Dimas on Saturday. On Sunday, we went to the Farm on South Mountain for Kate Packer’s birthday brunch. The heat got the most of us, so we took a nap once we got home. Then we’ve done some house work – gave plants some food and washed the pool deck. On Monday we finished fixing all blinds and washed/fixed all the baby gear. We’re getting ready for our precious Anna Sky. :-)

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Pregnancy – Week 37

Sergey lined up a few houses for us to view. By the time we viewed them we realized that 3 of 5 were out of the picture. We’ve also learned that the market in Las Vegas is such that as a buyer we had no leverage and there were not a lot of homes of our caliber up for sale. Long story short, we came back to the original house and decided to purchase it again. We’ve managed to lower the price a bit more but still would be paying 15% over the appraisal, but this way we’re able to get a move in ready house in time for baby’s arrival. All other homes we were considering required remodeling and adding a pool to match our criteria. Fingers crossed all goes well and we’re home owners in Las Vegas soon. :-)

Sunday we spent sleeping in, and then had breakfast and ice cream in bed to celebrate Mother’s Day :) We then spent some time with Sergey’s coworker Rob’s family. We had a great lunch/dinner followed by ice cream outing. :-) Then we drove by the house we’re about to buy. We also showed them the park and peacocks near the new house. :-) Everyone liked them very much! And then I was Phoenix bound. It was a great and hopefully a successful weekend. It was amazing to spend some time with my husband! Love my man! :-)

It’s difficult to be apart with your loved one. Especially when you’re pregnant and your hormones fluctuate, while he is working hard and trying to find a new home for the family. So of course we start to fight over small things. We’re just both so tired and miss each other. Silly… But everything came back to its places once Sergey came back for the weekend and we were able to hold each other in our arms. :-)

I booked some spa treatments for Saturday and a haircut. Not too relaxing because all technicians wanted to talk. Oh well, at least my hair looks nice. :-)

On Sunday, Sergey, Dennis and I did a heroic thing: we planted 7 pigmy palms, 1 purple leaf plum tree, 7 lantanas and 3 natal plums in the front yard! All to please our HOA. Well, the house looks nice too. :-) But it was a long, hard and hot day. We worked so hard that I’ve lost 2 pounds! Doc thought I was on a diet, and told me to eat more! :-)

Noticing more and more Braxton Hicks contractions. They don’t hurt though.

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Pregnancy – Week 36

Starting regular weekly doc appointments now. My weight is still at 144.4 lbs. = 65 kg. Doc says I need to eat more. It’s not that I’m not eating… just Anna soaks it all up! :-) Trying to eat more smaller meals often.

HOA finally approved our new landscaping plan! With a little compromise we can close the violation, which will be helpful when we sell the AZ house. Now we need to implement it. :-)

On Wednesday Nina and I attended a breastfeeding class. She is 11 weeks pregnant! Yeah, great news! :-)

Busy week at work with lots of projects and early start/late nights. I slept for 11 hours each night but feel that I need more. Teaching Tiffany everything I do. :-) Let’s hope she can pull it off. :-)

Visiting Sergey in Las Vegas over the weekend. Last time as per doctors I should not be flying past week 32. Well, what can I say; I love and miss my lovely hubby. And we have a few more houses lined up for viewing. Need to figure out our living situation soon as Anna Sky is joining our family sooner than we can imagine. :-)

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Pregnancy – Week 35

It’s getting hot in AZ ~35-37C (~100F). Hands and feet/legs swell during my evening walks.

Have you ever heard of term “pregnancy brain”? LOL. I’ve got to experience it! I started to confuse event names and dates at work. Or maybe I just needed to get some more sleep. :-)

My short-term disability/FMLA paperwork got approved. So we’re all set to take maternity leave starting June 1, 2013. Just have to figure out the transfer of all my responsibilities to other team members.

The Las Vegas house deal didn’t work out as the house was overpriced according to our valuation report. We’ll have to keep looking. I will do one more trip to Las Vegas to look at houses next weekend before I will no longer be able to fly.

Greg came to visit us over the weekend and helped Sergey with fixing the blinds. We cooked lots of great food and went for a long walk. :-)

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