Pregnancy – Week 33

It’s getting difficult to bend over. Stomach is getting big! Guess, no more shoe laces! :-)

I’ve noticed that by end of the day my feet/legs swell up. Raising my feet up for a while helps it go away. The side bones on my feet are more visible too. Hoping they will go back to normal after delivery. :-)

Got to visit hubby in Las Vegas. We had a lot of fun! :-) I made him a few home-made treats: blini with meat and cheese. :-) We did some house hunting and even found a house we both liked very much. So much, that we made an offer on it!!!! Fingers crossed.

On Sunday Sergey competed in a swimming challenge for his new company Shuffle. He took first place in free-style!!!! That’s my man! :-) Overall, the company took 3rd place between all competing companies in Las Vegas! Way to go! I also got to meet Sergey’s work team at a brunch. All seemed very friendly and wanted Sergey to stay. :-) Love to see my man being valued!

We also went to dinner at Sergey’s coworker’s home. :-) Very lovely family. I’m glad Sergey has someone so nice to gang out with while he is away from home.

Please share your experience during Week 33 of Pregnancy

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