Pregnancy – Week 32

Anna got big enough to be able to stretch and use my rib cage as a surface to push off from. It is fun to imagine what she is doing inside of me. :-)

Saw our doctor. Everything is good. Weight gain to date 15 lbs. = 7 kg. Today I weight 144.6 lbs. = 65.5 kg. Feeling a bit more tired, but could just need to get more sleep. Lately I’ve been up late registering for all the baby stuff. Finally, looks like I’ve got most of it picked out.

Anna is kicking up a storm. I can feel her little feet through the skin. :-) So adorable! :-)

Veins on my right leg are a bit more visible. :-( Too much pressure. I try to put my legs up as much as I can and have also purchased special compression stockings to help the blood flow.

Missing my hubby. It’s so nice to have him close. But can’t have that luxury right now. He is busy working his butt off at the new job in Las Vegas. I really want to hug and kiss him. Sigh! This weekend Sergey is staying in Vegas to check out the real estate scene. I am going to visit my parents in Glendale, AZ. :-)

Please share your experience during Week 32 of Pregnancy

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