Pregnancy – Week 31

It’s a bit lonely at home without my lovely husband. However, I’m blessed with amazing friends who keep me company. They all invite me for dinners, so I don’t get time left to eat my own food in the fridge. :-)

Sergey is doing great! He is a very strong and smart man. It’s difficult to be far away, all by yourself, in a new environment, and starting a new job. But he is rocking it! I love him very much! :-)

After long days of sitting/standing I notice some veins appear more pronounced left of my right knee. Don’t like what I see! I bought some special tight socks but they don’t go as high as I’d want them to. :-( Raising my feet up helps but sitting/standing for long periods doesn’t. I will need to do my best to keep my feet up. Sleeping on my right side no longer works. My right leg and eventually whole side just falls asleep/goes numb. This also may contribute some to my right knee vein issue. Sleeping on the left side from now on.

Sergey came home for the weekend and we had a lot going on. First, Sergey and I took a new parent class to learn how to swaddle and take care of our little one. Then, we held a super successful birthday party for me. :-) We had a lot of friends and had just a wonderful time. The food was gone in minutes, perhaps everyone came really hungry. :-) So even after the cake we still cooked up more potatoes, got out vodka and pickled tomatoes and cucumbers. That too was gone within minutes! Ha! But we all had a wonderful time. :-) Later, we danced. Almagul and I repeated our belly dance from the day Sergey and I first met. Not bad for doing it after 3 years, both getting married, and despite both being pregnant. :-) After that everyone danced their feet off. :-) Fun!

On Sunday, Dima came by and we took some pregnancy photos! :-) But when we got them back, we decided to do some more on our own. :-) Here is a mix of Dima’s and our photos.

Please share your experience during Week 31 of Pregnancy

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