Pregnancy – Week 34

One more ultrasound. Looks like baby is slowly preparing herself for birth. She is lying head down and facing up. This time the technician did a little bit of a 3D ultrasound. Result was unbelievable! The picture we got was almost identical copy of Sergey! See for yourself! This makes one happy daddy! :-)

Another success! We got the house we really liked in Las Vegas! We also bought it already furnished, so it is move-in ready. :-)

Completed my short-term disability/FMLA paperwork needed to get my 12 weeks of paid maternity leave at work. Time flies so fast! Pretty soon we will be holding our little miracle in our hands!

Sergey flew in to Phoenix for the weekend. Saturday we spend in birthing class. Very informative! On Sunday we had a baby shower! Lena baked an amazing bee-hive cake with a tiny baby-bee. :-) It was a hit! So as were all the guests and gifts for our precious baby.

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Pregnancy – Week 33

It’s getting difficult to bend over. Stomach is getting big! Guess, no more shoe laces! :-)

I’ve noticed that by end of the day my feet/legs swell up. Raising my feet up for a while helps it go away. The side bones on my feet are more visible too. Hoping they will go back to normal after delivery. :-)

Got to visit hubby in Las Vegas. We had a lot of fun! :-) I made him a few home-made treats: blini with meat and cheese. :-) We did some house hunting and even found a house we both liked very much. So much, that we made an offer on it!!!! Fingers crossed.

On Sunday Sergey competed in a swimming challenge for his new company Shuffle. He took first place in free-style!!!! That’s my man! :-) Overall, the company took 3rd place between all competing companies in Las Vegas! Way to go! I also got to meet Sergey’s work team at a brunch. All seemed very friendly and wanted Sergey to stay. :-) Love to see my man being valued!

We also went to dinner at Sergey’s coworker’s home. :-) Very lovely family. I’m glad Sergey has someone so nice to gang out with while he is away from home.

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Pregnancy – Week 32

Anna got big enough to be able to stretch and use my rib cage as a surface to push off from. It is fun to imagine what she is doing inside of me. :-)

Saw our doctor. Everything is good. Weight gain to date 15 lbs. = 7 kg. Today I weight 144.6 lbs. = 65.5 kg. Feeling a bit more tired, but could just need to get more sleep. Lately I’ve been up late registering for all the baby stuff. Finally, looks like I’ve got most of it picked out.

Anna is kicking up a storm. I can feel her little feet through the skin. :-) So adorable! :-)

Veins on my right leg are a bit more visible. :-( Too much pressure. I try to put my legs up as much as I can and have also purchased special compression stockings to help the blood flow.

Missing my hubby. It’s so nice to have him close. But can’t have that luxury right now. He is busy working his butt off at the new job in Las Vegas. I really want to hug and kiss him. Sigh! This weekend Sergey is staying in Vegas to check out the real estate scene. I am going to visit my parents in Glendale, AZ. :-)

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Pregnancy – Week 31

It’s a bit lonely at home without my lovely husband. However, I’m blessed with amazing friends who keep me company. They all invite me for dinners, so I don’t get time left to eat my own food in the fridge. :-)

Sergey is doing great! He is a very strong and smart man. It’s difficult to be far away, all by yourself, in a new environment, and starting a new job. But he is rocking it! I love him very much! :-)

After long days of sitting/standing I notice some veins appear more pronounced left of my right knee. Don’t like what I see! I bought some special tight socks but they don’t go as high as I’d want them to. :-( Raising my feet up helps but sitting/standing for long periods doesn’t. I will need to do my best to keep my feet up. Sleeping on my right side no longer works. My right leg and eventually whole side just falls asleep/goes numb. This also may contribute some to my right knee vein issue. Sleeping on the left side from now on.

Sergey came home for the weekend and we had a lot going on. First, Sergey and I took a new parent class to learn how to swaddle and take care of our little one. Then, we held a super successful birthday party for me. :-) We had a lot of friends and had just a wonderful time. The food was gone in minutes, perhaps everyone came really hungry. :-) So even after the cake we still cooked up more potatoes, got out vodka and pickled tomatoes and cucumbers. That too was gone within minutes! Ha! But we all had a wonderful time. :-) Later, we danced. Almagul and I repeated our belly dance from the day Sergey and I first met. Not bad for doing it after 3 years, both getting married, and despite both being pregnant. :-) After that everyone danced their feet off. :-) Fun!

On Sunday, Dima came by and we took some pregnancy photos! :-) But when we got them back, we decided to do some more on our own. :-) Here is a mix of Dima’s and our photos.

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