Pregnancy – Week 29

Regular urge for bowel movement every morning around 9 am or as I wake up. TMI :-)

Hiccups are the new trend :) feeling them at least one per day. Lots of baby movement and kicks. That’s especially peculiar during business meetings as my face frowns a bit every now and then. :-) Sometimes the kicks feel like butterflies. During those times I think Anna is trying to tickle me from inside out. :-)

Searching for a crib/changing table. Too many choices! Finally, we bought Anechka a crib, dresser and changing table from a very nice family. Very pleased with the deal and quality of the purchase. Feeling happy and relieved because it took some time to find something we liked. :-)

Fighting HOA about our front yard landscape. Meeting with friends every day of the week to catch up and share the news about our move to Las Vegas.

Please share your experience during Week 29 of Pregnancy

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