Pregnancy – Week 28

Sergey accepted the job in Las Vegas! It’s becoming more real every day! We went suit shopping. My husband is a stud! :-) He looks so hot in all the suits, but he does that in pretty much anything and even nothing! :-)

Weight (3/12/13) – 141.5 lbs. = 64 kg, that’s a 13.5 lbs. = 6 kg increase from my weight before pregnancy.

Took god mother Lena to meet baby Anna via ultrasound. Little stinker didn’t want to show her face! :-) Once again she had her feet up by her head. She is flexible alright. :-) Still, Lena was amazed, because when she was pregnant doctors did ultrasounds only in rare cases, so she didn’t get to see her babies until they were born. During the ultrasound we’ve double-checked if baby was still a female, because occasionally the technicians are mistaken. Yep, she is a girl alright. :-) And she has turned head-down! :-) When baby is placed with head down, I feel more pressure in my pelvis. Subsequently I have to pee more frequently, although not much is coming out. :-) TMI :-) I did a glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes. Results came out negative as expected.

At first I thought our baby just doesn’t have hiccups… :-) then, I just learned that I could not tell them apart from her regular movement! :-) When the ultrasound technician showed us our hiccupping baby and I associated the little rhythmic taps inside with the visual, now I can confidently say that our baby has hiccups and sometimes more than once per day. I’ve learned to use hiccups to tell where her head is! :-) Most of the time her head moves between 3 and 6 o’clock, if my heart is at 2. She’s been a very good baby to me. No stretch marks, no nausea, no pain, no weird cravings. Such a caring little girl. Love her very much already!

Belly is showing quite a bit now. It’s a beautiful home to our little baby. :-) However, if you look from behind, you would not be able to tell I was pregnant!

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