Pregnancy – Week 26

This week Sergey and I have picked out Anna’s god mother – Lena Magonova – she is an amazingly caring and loving person. We are certain that Anna will learn a lot from her over the years. Lena is very special to both of us, and we would love to have her play a bigger part of our lives. When we asked Lena to be our daughter’s god mother, Lena was absolutely psyched and gladly accepted. :-)

My actual stomach must be shrinking or it just doesn’t have as much room anymore. I’ve learned that its best to eat smaller portions often, then I don’t feel so full and tired.

I started registering for baby items. The list of essential stuff is enormous! And then there is just too much choice! Going a bit crazy over trying to pick the right stuff! :-)

Luckily, our friends Dan and Danielle were generous and have passed down to us their strollers, baby car seat and some other baby essentials! Such a relief and happiness. :-) All items are of amazing quality and style. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends! Thank you!

Noticed that baby had not been as active as usual but research says it is normal. Babies sometimes have active growing cycles and sometimes they just need more rest.

Please share your experience during Week 26 of Pregnancy

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