Pregnancy – Week 30

Had our doc visit. All is well with both mommy and baby. Weight hasn’t changed much since the visit 2 weeks ago 140 lbs. = 63.5 kg. Total weight gain so far is 12 lbs. = 5.4 kg.

Anya is kicking strongly and most of the time she is more or less head down. It’s fun to watch my stomach move as she moves around. Hiccups are getting stronger too. Now that I know what they feel like (rhythmic kicks), I started to notice them more often.

My body is producing lots of relaxant hormones. I can feel it in my pelvic joints, especially after a walk or workout. Nonetheless, I still exercise 3-5 times per week. This could play a major role in why I’m not gaining too much weight.

Feeling light nausea when I get hungry. I get hungry a bit more often now as I start 3rd trimester. However, no puking. Eating helps relieve nausea.

Regular bowel movements every morning. Feeling some tightness in lower abdomen when I wake up. There’s just not enough space inside if me for everything. :-) Baby is starting to press more on the bladder, so I get to run to the bathroom every hour but hardly anything comes out. :-) Fun! LOL

A bit more pressure on my veins in the legs too… Trying to keep my feet up when I can to help blood flow.

Sleeping on the right side is getting trickier as my right leg starts to get numb after a while. So left side only as they write in books seems to be a natural choice.

Anna has moved into my lower stomach. I can feel all of the hiccups and kicks near my pelvis. When I walk I also sometimes feel sharp needle pain going down my vagina. Baby must be pressing on a nerve.

I accidentally washed Sergey’s car keys with the clothes… Oops! Luckily, we dried them and they still work. Phew! Note to self: check all pockets thoroughly before washing clothes!

Sunday morning I hugged Sergey. My stomach was tightly pressing against his back. Anna had hiccups and Sergey felt them through our body contact! :-) It’s sweet that he was able to experience it. :-)

Sergey has left for Las Vegas to start his new job on Monday, April 1. We will be joining him after baby is born. But he and I will go see each other over weekends. It’s not fun, but life sometimes throws curveballs at us. We will be just fine! :-)

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Pregnancy – Week 29

Regular urge for bowel movement every morning around 9 am or as I wake up. TMI :-)

Hiccups are the new trend :) feeling them at least one per day. Lots of baby movement and kicks. That’s especially peculiar during business meetings as my face frowns a bit every now and then. :-) Sometimes the kicks feel like butterflies. During those times I think Anna is trying to tickle me from inside out. :-)

Searching for a crib/changing table. Too many choices! Finally, we bought Anechka a crib, dresser and changing table from a very nice family. Very pleased with the deal and quality of the purchase. Feeling happy and relieved because it took some time to find something we liked. :-)

Fighting HOA about our front yard landscape. Meeting with friends every day of the week to catch up and share the news about our move to Las Vegas.

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Pregnancy – Week 28

Sergey accepted the job in Las Vegas! It’s becoming more real every day! We went suit shopping. My husband is a stud! :-) He looks so hot in all the suits, but he does that in pretty much anything and even nothing! :-)

Weight (3/12/13) – 141.5 lbs. = 64 kg, that’s a 13.5 lbs. = 6 kg increase from my weight before pregnancy.

Took god mother Lena to meet baby Anna via ultrasound. Little stinker didn’t want to show her face! :-) Once again she had her feet up by her head. She is flexible alright. :-) Still, Lena was amazed, because when she was pregnant doctors did ultrasounds only in rare cases, so she didn’t get to see her babies until they were born. During the ultrasound we’ve double-checked if baby was still a female, because occasionally the technicians are mistaken. Yep, she is a girl alright. :-) And she has turned head-down! :-) When baby is placed with head down, I feel more pressure in my pelvis. Subsequently I have to pee more frequently, although not much is coming out. :-) TMI :-) I did a glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes. Results came out negative as expected.

At first I thought our baby just doesn’t have hiccups… :-) then, I just learned that I could not tell them apart from her regular movement! :-) When the ultrasound technician showed us our hiccupping baby and I associated the little rhythmic taps inside with the visual, now I can confidently say that our baby has hiccups and sometimes more than once per day. I’ve learned to use hiccups to tell where her head is! :-) Most of the time her head moves between 3 and 6 o’clock, if my heart is at 2. She’s been a very good baby to me. No stretch marks, no nausea, no pain, no weird cravings. Such a caring little girl. Love her very much already!

Belly is showing quite a bit now. It’s a beautiful home to our little baby. :-) However, if you look from behind, you would not be able to tell I was pregnant!

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Pregnancy – Week 27

Sergey got a job Interview in Las Vegas! It is both exciting and scary at the same time. It would be great for him to have a good and satisfying job. But it would also mean we have to move away from our beautiful house and wonderful friends. At least it’s not that far from Phoenix. :-)

Anna is super active this week. She moves around a lot and it feels like she is turning 180 degrees!

I’m working out and feeling good. No Braxton Hicks contractions since weeks 18-22. I got sick with the flu or something like it. Runny nose for a few days, but keeping warm and cozy didn’t allow the germs to spread. I accidentally pulled a back muscle. Some rest and massage helped it go away.

I could not believe it when we had hail on March 8! For one, it’s already March! And then we live in Arizona!

For March 8, my lovely husband took me to a musical play. What a wonderful date! I love my husband! He is my caring and charming prince!

All within a week, Sergey interviewed and even got the job offer in Vegas! It’s real! Good news, he did it! Now we need to plan the move. We’ve decided that I will give birth in AZ, and then start moving with baby. It would also allow me to keep 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and insurance. Still a bit stressful to be living in different cities with love of my life! At least it’s only for a few months!

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Pregnancy – Week 26

This week Sergey and I have picked out Anna’s god mother – Lena Magonova – she is an amazingly caring and loving person. We are certain that Anna will learn a lot from her over the years. Lena is very special to both of us, and we would love to have her play a bigger part of our lives. When we asked Lena to be our daughter’s god mother, Lena was absolutely psyched and gladly accepted. :-)

My actual stomach must be shrinking or it just doesn’t have as much room anymore. I’ve learned that its best to eat smaller portions often, then I don’t feel so full and tired.

I started registering for baby items. The list of essential stuff is enormous! And then there is just too much choice! Going a bit crazy over trying to pick the right stuff! :-)

Luckily, our friends Dan and Danielle were generous and have passed down to us their strollers, baby car seat and some other baby essentials! Such a relief and happiness. :-) All items are of amazing quality and style. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends! Thank you!

Noticed that baby had not been as active as usual but research says it is normal. Babies sometimes have active growing cycles and sometimes they just need more rest.

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