Pregnancy – Week 25

Kicks are getting stronger every week. Our little girl is growing! :-)

The luxury of sleeping the way I want is gone. I now have sleep on my left side only to allow blood flow from my legs back to the heart. Pillows between my legs and under the tummy help to add comfort.

We enjoyed a very relaxing weekend. Went walking every evening for 2 hours each time. My butt is in a great shape! Maybe even best shape ever! :-) Walking and mild exercise during pregnancy is important!

Tried to hear baby’s heart beat through a stethoscope but could not hear it. After some research, I’ve learned that a regular stethoscope will not be able to pick it up. Need a special Doppler device. I guess we will have wait till the next ultrasound! :-)

We’ve picked the name! I wanted a cross-cultural name that would be easy to pronounce and remember. Sergey wanted an original name. And we’ve shortened the last name to just 1 letter to relieve baby from spelling out her last name every time. I’ve researched and there are currently 126 people in the USA with a 1 letter last name. Anna will be 127th. So unique! So here it is. Meet our little girl – Anna Sky Z.

Immediately, relatives and friends in Russia started commenting on our choice and suggesting alternatives. But to the truth it’s our little girl and this is what we feel her name should be. :-)

Please share your experience during Week 25 of Pregnancy

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