Pregnancy – Week 23

Stomach has started to grow! :-) I keep it well moisturized with bee wax mixed with oils. My birth dad makes this wonderful crème.

My innie belly button is slowly pushing out. I can see that it’s not as deep anymore and there is a slight lighter tint of skin color. It hasn’t seen sun light in ~30 years. :-)

Our baby girl is kicking nicely. :-) She is amazing! :-) Both Sergey and I enjoy feeling her kicks. Sergey is very curious on how it feels from the inside. :-) Well, feels a bit like gas bumps passing though colon, but much nicer. :-) Also based on the area I feel the kicks in, I can discern the location of our baby’s feet. :-)

On the weekend we went to Tucson to give out flyers for Sergey’s website We covered a lot of ground. We both were very tired, but we made a lot of progress, and got to see Sergey’s best friend Greg.

Please share your experience during Week 23 of Pregnancy

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