Pregnancy – Week 22

01/25-26/13 – over this night, unfortunately, grandma Floy Shreck Hopple passed away at the age of 85. She was a very charming, compassionate, and accepting woman. She always treated everyone with respect and love. I am very grateful for how she has accepted us into the family. I am very glad that we went to visit her for Thanksgiving and shared the news that we are expecting a baby in person. She was so excited for us! :-) Grandma Floy was the very first contributor to baby’s college fund! Thank you Grandma Hopple! Baby will appreciate your love and care!

On Sunday I felt some discomfort in lower abdomen while walking to the bathroom to pee. When I called a nurse on Monday, she wanted to run a test for possible urinary tract infection (UTI). On Tuesday we figured out it was just ligament pain. All is well with both me and baby.

Our little girl is lying sideways across my stomach (breach position), with her head right under my heart. Her kicks are getting stronger every day. Since she is lying across I can feel them all over, rather than just at the bottom of my stomach. It’s nice and reassuring to feel her move throughout the day. Love my little dancer! :-)

My stomach is getting bigger and more noticeable every week now. However, it’s still much smaller than my other pregnant girlfriends’ stomachs. Both my and Sergey’s moms say that they also didn’t have big stomachs when they were pregnant. Must be genetic. :-)

Please share your experience during Week 22 of Pregnancy

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