Pregnancy – Week 25

Kicks are getting stronger every week. Our little girl is growing! :-)

The luxury of sleeping the way I want is gone. I now have sleep on my left side only to allow blood flow from my legs back to the heart. Pillows between my legs and under the tummy help to add comfort.

We enjoyed a very relaxing weekend. Went walking every evening for 2 hours each time. My butt is in a great shape! Maybe even best shape ever! :-) Walking and mild exercise during pregnancy is important!

Tried to hear baby’s heart beat through a stethoscope but could not hear it. After some research, I’ve learned that a regular stethoscope will not be able to pick it up. Need a special Doppler device. I guess we will have wait till the next ultrasound! :-)

We’ve picked the name! I wanted a cross-cultural name that would be easy to pronounce and remember. Sergey wanted an original name. And we’ve shortened the last name to just 1 letter to relieve baby from spelling out her last name every time. I’ve researched and there are currently 126 people in the USA with a 1 letter last name. Anna will be 127th. So unique! So here it is. Meet our little girl – Anna Sky Z.

Immediately, relatives and friends in Russia started commenting on our choice and suggesting alternatives. But to the truth it’s our little girl and this is what we feel her name should be. :-)

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Pregnancy – Week 24

Noticing a bit more yellow secretion from my breasts (colostrum – first breast milk). That’s good. My breasts are getting ready to feed our baby most nutritious food you can ever find! :-)

Noticed that my eye-lashes are not as long and lush as they were before pregnancy. Hoping they will grow back after delivery! Baby’s eye-lashes on the ultrasound were long and lush though… I think I know what happened here… :-)

Belly button is pushing out more and more. It’s starting to push out my belly button ring. I guess it’s time to take it out.

Our first Valentine’s Day as 3! :-) Sergey did everything to please his lovely girls. We got a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Feb 12. Followed by mommy’s dream come true concert by Pink on Feb 13. :-) And then a very lovely dinner cooked by my love on Feb 14. The word “spoiled” can’t even start to describe it! We are very lucky to have such a loving man in our lives! We also got him a small gift – “Baby – an owner’s manual” book. :-) Sergey has been reading an impressing us with his knowledge. :-) I am head over heels in love with my husband!

My boss was very nice today and told me to take as much time as was needed for any doc appointments or child birthing classes, etc. He was also open to me taking a month of vacation right after maternity leave, so I would be able to spend more time with the baby. That’s very sweet of him!

My weight increased to 138 lbs. = 62.5 kg. It happened over the past few weeks and all due to baby and uterus growing. Thankfully, I eat very healthy and walk regularly, so besides a growing tummy, one cannot tell I’ve gained weight. :-)

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Pregnancy – Week 23

Stomach has started to grow! :-) I keep it well moisturized with bee wax mixed with oils. My birth dad makes this wonderful crème.

My innie belly button is slowly pushing out. I can see that it’s not as deep anymore and there is a slight lighter tint of skin color. It hasn’t seen sun light in ~30 years. :-)

Our baby girl is kicking nicely. :-) She is amazing! :-) Both Sergey and I enjoy feeling her kicks. Sergey is very curious on how it feels from the inside. :-) Well, feels a bit like gas bumps passing though colon, but much nicer. :-) Also based on the area I feel the kicks in, I can discern the location of our baby’s feet. :-)

On the weekend we went to Tucson to give out flyers for Sergey’s website We covered a lot of ground. We both were very tired, but we made a lot of progress, and got to see Sergey’s best friend Greg.

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Pregnancy – Week 22

01/25-26/13 – over this night, unfortunately, grandma Floy Shreck Hopple passed away at the age of 85. She was a very charming, compassionate, and accepting woman. She always treated everyone with respect and love. I am very grateful for how she has accepted us into the family. I am very glad that we went to visit her for Thanksgiving and shared the news that we are expecting a baby in person. She was so excited for us! :-) Grandma Floy was the very first contributor to baby’s college fund! Thank you Grandma Hopple! Baby will appreciate your love and care!

On Sunday I felt some discomfort in lower abdomen while walking to the bathroom to pee. When I called a nurse on Monday, she wanted to run a test for possible urinary tract infection (UTI). On Tuesday we figured out it was just ligament pain. All is well with both me and baby.

Our little girl is lying sideways across my stomach (breach position), with her head right under my heart. Her kicks are getting stronger every day. Since she is lying across I can feel them all over, rather than just at the bottom of my stomach. It’s nice and reassuring to feel her move throughout the day. Love my little dancer! :-)

My stomach is getting bigger and more noticeable every week now. However, it’s still much smaller than my other pregnant girlfriends’ stomachs. Both my and Sergey’s moms say that they also didn’t have big stomachs when they were pregnant. Must be genetic. :-)

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