Pregnancy – Week 21

Slept for 11 hours without getting up to go to the bathroom! That’s a record nowadays. :-) Feels nice to be able to get so much rest. :-) Then cuddled with hubby. :-) I love my life. :-)

Sergey can now feel baby kicks! :-) I love having his hand on my tummy and seems baby does too! :-) It’s our family time! It’s a time when all 3 of us interact. :-)

Since week 19 I guess I was having a few Braxton-Hicks contractions but didn’t know it. I thought it was baby moving/turning/twisting. Turns out that when my lower stomach 1) gets hard as a rock, 2) pushes out, and 3) lets go after 10-15 seconds – that is a Braxton-Hicks contraction, which is a practice contraction. I am thankful that mine doesn’t hurt, like it does for some other women. So far I’ve had them maybe 1-2 per week. I would relax and it would go away.

The ligament pain between my legs has subsided. It comes back once in a while but overall doesn’t bother me much.

01/22/13 – announced pregnancy to my team. Jeff was so surprised that he even jumped in his seat. :-) All 10 of my subordinates were surprised but happy for Sergey and me.

01/23/13 – our 20 week ultrasound. Besides doing routine measurements to make sure baby’s development is on track, this is the day we get to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl! :-) This is exciting! We even invited my parents to join us for this wonderful experience. :-)

Ultrasound was a great experience and all of us were equally intrigued and all eyes were glued to the monitor.

We’re having a baby GIRL!!!! My dream was right!!! :-) I could not be happier, but both Sergey and I would love our little one just as much if it would have been a boy! :-) We both are just very happy to have our little one healthy and on the way to be with us.

The technician said our little girl was 13 inch (23 cm) long and weighs 9oz (360 g). Both are exactly the norm for pregnancy at 20 weeks. All organs checked out to be developing normally. We especially loved seeing baby’s tiny heart with the 4 chambers. It’s a work of art on its own. Our baby’s got a beautiful heart already!

One minor note from technician was that we had only 1 aorta (not 2 as usually seen) in the umbilical cord to deliver food and oxygen to the baby. However, since baby’s weight and size, as well as all organs were developing normally, it is nothing to worry about. 1 aorta must be enough for our little girl. :-) The technician said that because of it doctor may request monthly ultrasounds to ensure baby continues to receive enough oxygen and nutrients to develop normally. Well, since we’re healthy, we will see what doc says on Feb 14. Until then we will take it easy and trust our baby girl to grow and develop normally. :-) I am sure she is doing just fine and 1 aorta is not a problem at all for us!

The same night we’ve announced our pregnancy to friends and relatives via email and Facebook.

Please share your experience during Week 21 of Pregnancy

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