Pregnancy – Week 20

I’ve noticed a few times a clear watery discharge with no particular odor. After some research online I don’t believe it to be amniotic fluid leak because it’s not continuous. But I will mention it to my OBGYN this week at our appointment. To be safe, I am taking it easy and drinking lots of fluids.

Baby is moving around quite a bit. I feel it more and more often with every day.

Need to drink more water!

Continuing to do Kegel exercises. Also, noticed some stretching discomfort between my legs. Probably my joints are widening.

Had our 19 weeks doctor visit. Met a new doc as they change shifts and we don’t know whom we will get when we go into labor. So I’m trying to meet more of the docs in the practice. New doc didn’t do much. Checked that both baby and I are alive and asked if we had any questions. Well, at least we know, we’re ok. But really not digging how little attention is given to patients in the USA. Scheduled our next ultrasound for next week. :-) I can’t edit to see our little one again. :-)

I write this as I feel baby kicks! :-) The kicks are subtle but I can definitely tell where baby’s feet are. :-) We definitely have a little bunny as I feel feet moving from side to side of my lower abdomen. My uterus is up to my belly button. I can feel it, because I no longer can push a finger in. :-)

For the last couple of days I’ve been feeling some pain in the groin and inner thighs. Research says it’s ligament pain or the pelvic bones spreading to support the weight of the growing baby… Or getting ready for labor, but it doesn’t mean labor is any time soon. My body is being thoughtful and preparing ahead of time. Only issue it hurts. Feels like after riding a horse or bicycle for a long time, even while resting. :-( And based on research the pain may last… Hoping it won’t last too long for me! :-)

Interesting fact: depending on which side I wake up, that’s where baby’s feet are. :-) Baby is actively kicking right after I wake up and when I’m about to go to sleep. Also feeling a few kicks after I eat, take a few deep breaths or on my way home from work.

Please share your experience during Week 20 of Pregnancy

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