Pregnancy – Week 19

Continuing to walk and work out in the gym. I mostly do just walking and stretching. Some leg and arm/back machines, but nothing strenuous on the tummy.

Left knee still pops when I walk. Eating butter helps smooth my joints and I don’t feel it as much. But I’ll probably bring it up with my OBGYN next week.

Thinking of breaking the news to my boss. Not sure what and how to say, but probably now would be a good time before I start to show much.

Tummy is sticking out a bit, especially after I eat. :-) But it’s definitely not as big as Almagul’s who is carrying her second child. Mom and Alla Anatol’evna both say neither one of them had big tummies, so I may not show much either. Nobody at work has noticed yet. :-)

Bought a pair of pregnancy pants. They cost $10 at Ross and actually look and fit very nice. :-) Not ready to wear them yet but I may just because they look so cute on me. :-)

On Tuesday 01/08/13 after taking a shower and moisturizing my tummy and breasts, noticed a few tiny drops of yellowish liquid oozing from my nipples. Per all the books it’s normal. This is “colostrum”, aka first milk. Breasts are getting ready for breast feeding.

Hubby is really cute! :-) He loves me and my growing belly. :-) He is super excited to hear I started to feel baby movements. But baby still needs to grow for him to feel it on the outside if my belly. Soon my love!

I weighted myself at the gym. Still keeping at my pre-pregnancy weight – 130 lbs. = 59kg.

1/9/13 – told my boss that I am pregnant. It went much easier than I’ve anticipated. He was genuinely excited for me and very much curious whether it’s a boy or a girl. He even was supportive of adding my vacation to the company provided maternity leave!

Please share your experience during Week 19 of Pregnancy

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