Pregnancy – Week 14

We’ve finished our full 1st trimester! Absolutely strong and healthy! It helps a lot to go into pregnancy with great immune system and strong/healthy body and mind. I had absolutely no morning sickness or any adverse symptoms one always imagines coming with being pregnant. Felt absolutely awesome the whole 3 months. At times I’d even catch myself on a thought whether I am really pregnant?! :-) Occasional tiredness and doctor visits, especially the ultrasounds, are my constant reminders of a new life growing inside of me. I feel very lucky and blessed!

Took some pictures of the baby bump. It’s hardly noticeable still, which together with having practically no symptoms makes it very easy to hide my pregnancy from others. We’ll probably wait until January to tell at work and friends.

Sex during the first trimester was awesome! A bit scary at first whether it would be ok for the baby, but everyone no matter how big or small can use a few hormones of happiness. :-) A bit insensitive on the outside in the first weeks, however a whole volcano more of feeling on the inside! Closer to the end of the first trimester, I’ve regained feeling on the outside as well as the drive for making love to my lovely husband! Love this wonderful man!

This week we also had the GoDaddy holiday party (12/7/12). This year’s party was nothing compared to previous years. However, for us it was more of an anniversary. 12/11/10 – Sergey proposed to me in front of 5,000 people at the GoDaddy holiday party! It was a fairy tale! On top of that, Sergey won $15,000 tax free money, which was a great contribution to our wedding budget.

12/10/11 – a month after our wedding. We came to the GoDaddy party dressed in our wedding attire. :-) We definitely were the most amazing looking couple at the party! Sergey won $5,000 this time!

12/7/12 – no one at work yet knows, but this year we had the next logical step – we were at the party pregnant. :-) And, of course, we were yet again the most adorable couple at the party. This year the money prizes were considerably smaller, but we still won $1,000!

Please share your experience during Week 14 of Pregnancy

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