Pregnancy – Week 13

Back to work after a 4-day weekend! The US holidays are clustered in Nov-Dec. But unfortunately, there aren’t many holidays throughout the rest of the year. Nonetheless, it’s hard to go to work on any Monday.

On Wednesday (11/28/12) we had our 1st trimester screening for any syndromes and abnormalities. Going in absolutely confident in our baby’s health. We got to see our little one once again! :-) Only 9 days after our first ultrasound. Today baby was at least double in size! Since this appointment was early in the morning and even I was still half asleep. :-) Baby was half asleep as well, and was patient with the doc taking all necessary measurements. After the doc was done with the tests/measurements of the neural tube on the back of baby’s neck, she was nice to let us check the baby out. :-) We have a cool video of this session. We got to see baby’s head, heart, stomach (which was full according to the doc), the skeleton, and tiny butt (, little hands and legs, and we were even able to count all little fingers and even toes! Amazing! Our baby even did a full body stretch before the jumping began all over again, like during our first ultrasound. :-) The full body length measured at 8.2 cm! Our little shrimp! :-) Both of us get an incredible blast of happiness from seeing our little one. It was worth waking up so early! :-)

The rest of the day I spent dealing with insubordination in my department. The whole afternoon was spent in meetings with employees that did not accept the change in management in our department. I’m proud to say that everything had been resolved in a nice manner and we’re seeing much better performance and attitudes.

On the weekend we tested Sergey’s new Facebook app, watched movies and cooked liver cutlets. Yum!

I have the most amazing husband in the world! I was feeling a bit down, but mostly my own thoughts gone off the orbit. He listened to me carefully, and then brought me back to my senses by reminding me that we’re together, healthy and happy. It’s amazing to have my best friend and the love of my life in the same person always next to me! :-) I wish our children will be as happy as we are!

Also, this week I’ve been taking some medicine for the yeast infection docs said I had. Although I didn’t feel any symptoms, they insisted I did a full 7 day treatment. So I did. Good girl.

Please share your experience during Week 13 of Pregnancy

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