Pregnancy – Week 11

This week was a bit easier at work, than the past 2 weeks. I am proud of how I’ve handled the situation with a poorly performing employee. I have one more layer between us and I had an informative discussion with his manager, where we came up with ways to handle the situation. Teamwork prevailed. We already see improvement in performance and behavior.

Friday I got a day off for working so hard the past several weeks. I still had to log in for a while to help move projects along, but at least I was at home. Then we went to a Russian store and stocked up with salads, pelmeni and other items. I was brave enough to try a cabbage pirozhok, which didn’t taste so good, and drink ryazhenka (baked yogurt). Second half of the day I spent on the toilet with diarrhea :-( , then I took a nap and stayed in bed until the morning.

On Saturday I woke up with a lot of energy. Sergey and I cleaned the house in a record time. Then as I was taking a shower, Sergey decided to turn off the softener, which was undergoing some self-cleaning. LOL. So I had salty water coming from the shower head. It felt like I was bathing in sea water. :-)

Later that day we hosted a pelmeni making party. It was a wonderful and delicious experience with a bunch of our friends. I believe we made about 500 pelmeni that night. Enough to last us and our guests for a while.

Please share your experience during Week 11 of Pregnancy

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