Pregnancy – Week 9

I had 2 dreams about the baby. One was a while before I even got pregnant. In the dream I was pregnant. I was enjoying every moment of my dream pregnancy up until the delivery, where I got scared and “didn’t want to play anymore!” But none the less, I delivered a beautiful baby girl and we named her Anna, as many influential and loving friends in my life.

My second dream was during this week. I dreamt that I had a gorgeous baby girl. No name specifics in this dream, but I clearly remember that she was very peaceful and happy, as opposed to some other girl’s baby in the dream. I was really proud of my baby girl! :-)

My mother also had a dream a few weeks ago about a happy baby girl. So many coincidences! I guess we’ll have to see in a few weeks if that is true. :-) But even if we will have a baby boy we will love him just as much!

Another busy week at work. Lots of shoots. The positive side – catering! This week we had awesome breakfasts, lunches and snacks. I am sure baby was happy. :-)

On Thursday we had guests over. At the dinner table we had Dima Sherman, Alex Borshch and us. Dima inquired about approved diet for pregnant women and I’ve observed the following behavior of men at the table. As I was talking about my pregnancy experience, all 3 men at the table were very quiet and listened to me with so much interest, as if I was going to test them on this material later! :-) My only guess is, because men never have or will ever go through pregnancy, this unknown territory is very exciting and interesting to them. It’s an honor for me as a woman to be a man’s guide to this unknown.

Outside temperature dropped significantly on Saturday. Right about +18C. Not super cold, but not hot either. I woke up around 9:30 am and thought I’d read a bit outside, while covered with a blanket. The comfort of this temperature, a light breeze and the light tingle on my cheeks – all made me think of the baby. I imagined how wonderful it would be for my little one to nap in this gorgeous weather. I may have had a memory from my childhood crossing my mind. :-) It’s very likely I napped in similar conditions and had a blast. As I day-dreamt about it, I fell asleep and had the most amazing nap in the fresh air. :-) Soon our baby will enjoy it too!

Please share your experience during Week 9 of Pregnancy

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