Pregnancy – Week 6

Slept pretty much all weekend. Sergey managed to get me out for a walk both days for 3+ hours each! But besides that, weekend was pretty much all sleep. :-) Yet, on Monday I didn’t feel as rested as I’d hoped. Enjoying my sleep while I can. :-)

Tuesday 10/16/12 for the first time I felt a food aversion. Even by looking at a tomato soup, it made me a bit sick to my stomach. So I didn’t have any for lunch at work. Ironically, Sergey heated up the same tomato soup for dinner, which I also could not eat or even smell. Poor hubby had to make me a lobster soup, which did much better with my stomach and senses. What a spoiled brat I’ve become! Hope this doesn’t last too long. :-)

Our little one now looks a bit more like a hamster, :-) and he or she eats like one. :-) I start feeling low in energy almost every 2 hours. Saying “I’m eating for two” makes a lot more sense now. :-)

Worked out in the gym. Getting tired a bit quicker than before. But overall it was a good workout. My weight has not changed any, still at 129 lbs. = 58.5 kg.

Called nurse practitioner to ask about my light brown discharge. Of course she had some concerns, but after the conversation I concluded that it was quite alright given I was sexually active. Many other women bloggers have the same symptom and there is nothing to worry about.

Spent the weekend in Rocky Point, Mexico. It was wonderful to be able to swim in the ocean, breathe warm salty air, and eat lots of fresh fish and fruit. At times I felt I was eating for two again. :-)

Please share your experience during Week 6 of Pregnancy

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