Pregnancy – Week 5

Feeling tenderness in my breasts and tummy. Pregnancy symptoms are back. Even feeling a little barfy. Today was stormy and it rained. Maybe that’s the reason?! Getting tired quickly especially at work. Eating smaller portions more regularly helps. Going to the bathroom for 2. :-) Using dailu liners for the light brown discharge.

Baby is growing its brain and skeleton. Right now it’s the size of a sesame seed. Sergey calls me “mother-ship”. I call baby “динозаврик” =”little dinosaur”, because according to online images that’s what baby looks like now. :-)

Sex feels great! Both my research and OBGYN say it is ok to continue being sexually active all throughout pregnancy. It doesn’t hurt or bother baby in any way.

Learning to sleep on my sides. It is hard! So miss sleeping on my stomach… :-( soon!

Please share your experience during Week 5 of Pregnancy

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