Pregnancy – Week 4

Dry eyes. Bought eye drops. I ate a sour kiwi and my IBS is back for a week. Called nurse and learned that hemorrhoid crimes and suppositories are ok while pregnant. All healed after a week! What a relief. Walking daily, but skipped on weekend.

Learned that an orgasm during pregnancy can cause some stomach cramping. Online research says it’s ok if it goes away in a few minutes. All good. :-)

Over the weekend I had no symptoms. Loving it! :-) Noticing some light brown discharge. Research says if it’s a little bit, then nothing to worry about.

Time to tell the soon to become “grandparents”. :-) We told Sergey’s mom over Skype. She was ecstatic! And for my parents we prepared a gift bag with positive pregnancy tests. When we gave it to them, my mom didn’t get it right away. :-) Dennis on the other hand was really hoping it was not my mom’s tests. Ha-ha. :-) But, of course, they were all very happy to find out they will be grandparents soon!

Please share your experience during Week 4 of Pregnancy

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