Pregnancy – Week 2

Tender lower stomach, some tickling in breasts, feeling slightly sick at early mornings while still in bed, but no vomiting. Cramp-like feeling before morning trip to bathroom. Full bladder and colon press on uterus?

Too early to take pregnancy test, but, I think, I can already feel it. Stopped drinking alcohol and avoiding smoke. Eating lots of greens, fruit and veggies, salmon and meat. Drinking only water. Been taking per-natal vitamins since 1 month prior to conception. Trying to walk at least 30 minutes every day. During one of the walks, I’ve noticed my sense of smell got a bit more acute. All are early symptoms of being pregnant.

Forehead is warm to touch, overall weakness. Worked 2 days from home.

Started going to chiropractor once per week, while working out my back and abs so I don’t have back pain, especially in my 3rd trimester.

Please share your experience during Week 2 of Pregnancy

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