Pregnancy – Week 4

Dry eyes. Bought eye drops. I ate a sour kiwi and my IBS is back for a week. Called nurse and learned that hemorrhoid crimes and suppositories are ok while pregnant. All healed after a week! What a relief. Walking daily, but skipped on weekend.

Learned that an orgasm during pregnancy can cause some stomach cramping. Online research says it’s ok if it goes away in a few minutes. All good. :-)

Over the weekend I had no symptoms. Loving it! :-) Noticing some light brown discharge. Research says if it’s a little bit, then nothing to worry about.

Time to tell the soon to become “grandparents”. :-) We told Sergey’s mom over Skype. She was ecstatic! And for my parents we prepared a gift bag with positive pregnancy tests. When we gave it to them, my mom didn’t get it right away. :-) Dennis on the other hand was really hoping it was not my mom’s tests. Ha-ha. :-) But, of course, they were all very happy to find out they will be grandparents soon!

Please share your experience during Week 4 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy – Week 3

The same as in week 1, but now starting to notice mood-swings. One day just wanted to be alone and would get irritated by the loved ones. :-( Managed not to let it out. :-)

On Tuesday took an early pregnancy test (should show 6 days before missed period). Test came out negative. Likely not enough hormones to test positive yet. All of the feelings I have in my stomach tell me that I’m pregnant. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before.

At work. Being promoted to become a manager. Yeay. At the same time my manager says the rest of the team has 2 concerns with that… 1) I don’t have as much creative experience as they do, 2) I’m “bossy” LOL for doing my job. My boss seems to have confidence in me, however, says he will be watching my interactions with the team. Oh well, most employees hate their boss for one reason or the other. So I’m going to try to be different.

On Wednesday tried a collaborative approach in solving an issue at work. Employees seem to like it, and, even though I’m not officially the boss yet, they actually say they want me to help them make a decision. LOL Tables have changed. I’m not bossy, am I now? :-)

Repeated test on Friday and got a lighter line of positive result. My internal instincts were right!

Good timing too. By the time I give birth I will have worked for 3 years, thus GoDaddy will give me 3 months of paid maternity leave! Also, baby will arrive just in time to meet the rest of our huge family at the 2013 Omaha family reunion. :-)

Called my OBGYN, thinking they need to confirm my pregnancy. But turns out, since I’m feeling great, I didn’t have to. So my first appointment could be sometime between 8-10 weeks along. (19-Nov-2012)

Now, thinking of how to present the news to my lovely husband. :-) Got it!

Well… I spent hours searching the greeting card isles for a card saying “you will be a dad soon”. Guessing, it’s not popular….?! Because I’ve found none. So I had to get creative and find a “Congrats!” card that would work after some tweaking. :-)

September 28, 2012 – I tied a “Congrats” balloon to a cute Teddy Bear holding the card; and tricked Sergey to come outside to find it, as I was taking photos of him. :-) In his mind he guessed immediately, but waited to get a confirmation from the card.

I will never forget the joy on his face as he found out that he will be a DAD! This was another most happiest day of our lives! My love for Sergey grows exponentially with every day!

Starting to take belly pics! Weekend spent reading about pregnancy and looking at furniture for baby’s room. Also, researching ways to soundproof baby room from noisy air conditioner.

Please share your experience during Week 3 of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy – Week 2

Tender lower stomach, some tickling in breasts, feeling slightly sick at early mornings while still in bed, but no vomiting. Cramp-like feeling before morning trip to bathroom. Full bladder and colon press on uterus?

Too early to take pregnancy test, but, I think, I can already feel it. Stopped drinking alcohol and avoiding smoke. Eating lots of greens, fruit and veggies, salmon and meat. Drinking only water. Been taking per-natal vitamins since 1 month prior to conception. Trying to walk at least 30 minutes every day. During one of the walks, I’ve noticed my sense of smell got a bit more acute. All are early symptoms of being pregnant.

Forehead is warm to touch, overall weakness. Worked 2 days from home.

Started going to chiropractor once per week, while working out my back and abs so I don’t have back pain, especially in my 3rd trimester.

Please share your experience during Week 2 of Pregnancy

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